Muscle Fusion

Muscle Building Protein Matrix

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Product description

Nutrabolics Muscle Fusion is the protein formula that fulfills the number one need of a bodybuilder- gaining muscle mass!

More than a simple protein, Muscle Fusion is an advanced mix of:

  • 21 g of Muscle Fusion's highly anabolic protein matrix- with hydrolysed whey protein, glutamine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
  • Complex carbohydrate matrix- regulates glycogen reserves and balances levels of glucose and insulin in the blood, providing the body with lasting energy.  With just 2 g of sugar!
  • Nutrabolics SUPERFATS Complex- contributes to protein and carbohydrate processing and promotes fat mass loss.

Muscle Fusion's advanced formula of 3 essential macronutrients makes   it a superior protein.

Protein synthesis takes place more quickly, speeding muscle regeneration.  The muscles develop at an incredible rate, increasing in strength, stamina and volume.  Essential for athletes who lift weights.

Reinvigorated, noticeably bigger muscles for an unbeatable price, Nutrabolics Muscle Fusion helps athletes turn their dreams into reality.

Reviews for Muscle Fusion

Reviews for Muscle Fusion

3 out of 3 found this information useful.

Good protein, good results and good price - 05/03/2013
by Francisco Fernandes   (Show original)

Already take this protein will be 1 month along with tribulus (very good in terms of tb results) of Biotech USES and the results surprised me. Noto evolution in muscle mass, at the level of recovery that I also have a better recovery and the taste is good. Seriously advise using this protein who trains and then still have a workday (or another occupation) to do. Also in terms of price is a protein accessible ...

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Tasty and satisfying - 03/13/2014
by Vanda Rodrigues   (Show original)

Take this protein not long ago, I'm still on first packing and still can't assess its results. However, I can say that is tasty and quenches me during a longer period of time.

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good - 06/30/2014
by Nuno Marujo   (Show original)

before the price is worth 5 stars! The chocolate flavor is great. It's not the most perfect to dissolve, however is still easy task.

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