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Pharma Freak Test Freak is the powerhouse of testosterone boosting formulas to increase muscle strength and growth along with sex drive and performance within a 30 day cycle.

It is specially formulated for die hard body builders and athletes who want to step up their testosterone levels to new highs. The natural ingredients in Test Freak organically and naturally push your testosterone levels. Pharma Freak added 1000mg of Tribulus Terrestris, a traditional Chinese herbal remedy used for hormone therapy that is a powerful testosterone booster. Every dosage contains a serving of zinc to maintain a healthy sex life and reduces the risk of prostate disease. Even after 2 weeks off, you'll still have stable, natural testosterone levels.

Test Freak distinguishes itself from other testosterone boosters, because it has amplified its active ingredients to make it more powerful than other testosterone booster products currently available on the market. There are 3 clinically tested anti-Aromatose compounds that are only found in the Test Freak formula responsible for blocking oestrogen and promote more testosterone in the blood. It has the added patented ingredient Testofen, which in clinical studies have shown to increase the amount of free testosterone in humans by up to 98.8%. Also, 400mg of Trigotest have been added to the formula, which is a unique form of fenugreek, to enhance testosterone production.

To crank up your testosterone, strength, muscle mass and sex drive there is no other solution than the most effective test booster ever developed with a ground breaking testosterone formula, Pharma Freak's Test Freak!

Reviews for Test Freak

Reviews for Test Freak
extraordinary - 07/30/2013
by abel gonzalez ramos   (Show original)

It is incredible and unique, com this product any on the market with such quality and efficiency

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PRICE IN SPANISH - 10/15/2013
by EZEQUIEL CUEVAS QUEZADA   (Show original)


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from the first week already noticed results - 01/13/2014
by jesus alvaro fernadez - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

Very good combined with anabolic freak is the ostia, the best on the market

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