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“You are what you eat.”  Nothing could be more true. That's why Olimp Kolagen Active Plus improves the health and the appearance of your hair and skin from the inside out. 

In easy to swallow capsules, Kolagen Active Plus revitalizes your organism's cells, helping you look amazing with soft, supple, beautiful skin.

Made with 7,200 mg of collagen per dose, this protein essential for the formation of cell tissues, doesn't just improve the skin's elasticity, it revitalizes the hair as well as cartilage and joints.

With the passing of time, our bodies stop producing enough collagen, speeding the skin's aging process.  Wrinkles start to appear, hair becomes weaker and more prone to breakage, muscle pains become more common and cartilage, joints and bones become more fragile.

Kolagen Active Plus treats and prevents these problems through its revitalizing properties.  In addition, it includes Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium and Magnesium which help form more beautiful, healthier skin and hair and makes muscles, bones and joints stronger and more resistant.

A rejuvenating product from Olimp laboratories, Kolagen Active Plus gives you new life, both inside and out.

Reviews for Kolagen Activ Plus

Reviews for Kolagen Activ Plus
rejuvenesci!!! - 03/17/2015
by Jorge Manuel Rodrigues Santos   (Show original)

for wrinkles and joints, especially during menopause!!

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very good - 01/07/2016
by Fernando Garcia Gomez - Zumbu Verified Purchase   (Show original)

This product seems to me really good. collagen is essential and here has it in appropriate quantity

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